Monday, October 22, 2007

Sage :-|

Tried Sage a few weeks ago. The decor is simple... uninspiring, but acceptably nice enough.

However, even less inspiring than the decor was the food...

Ordered the smoke salmon quesadilla to start. I think it was good, my friend thought it was so-so.

My friend order the grilled chicken breast (he seems to like to order that...), I ordered the seafood special. Both were reasonably yummy, but the flavor is extremely traditional and uninventive. We both agreed that we like the veggie the most, and the rest of the plate was acceptable. The rice pilaf was average, at best.

The dessert was interesting, it was offered as shots. However, since I wasn't particularly impressed with the meal, we did not stay for dessert. Nothing on the dessert tray seemed inventive either...

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