Monday, October 22, 2007

Reggie's Backstage :(

Okay... so I've been back to STL for a couple months now, and yes, I have not been posting. But nothing motivate me to post than a bad restaurant experience.

Last night, I visited Reggie's Backstage on Grand. The food was admittedly okay. Nothing too special. Service, however, BOTH THUMBS down.

We started with the corn chowders, which were good. I ordered the stuffed pork chop, almost tasteless. My friend ordered the curry ahi tuna, which was rather acceptable. So, I guess it's luck. We didn't stay for dessert.

First, it started with the bus boy accidental pouring ice all over me when filling up the water. Oh well, things happen. But then, it was another almost 10 minutes before our waiter acknowledged us. When we ordered a bottle of wine, he was spacing out or something, and thought we ordered glasses. Well, we corrected him, so no big deal. We wanted to order appetizers at this time, but he rushed off to fetch our wine. A while later, he brought over the wine. Chilled white wine, with no wine cooler. He then had to hunt for wine glasses. Poured the wine, the idea of wine cooler still never occured to him. (About halfway through dinner, a manager noticed the lack of a wine cooler and corrected the situation...)

Another good 15 minutes before we got our soups. It wouldn't have been so bad if we had bread... We asked for bread, request fell on deaf ears. Water glass emptied, and no refills... you had to ask specifically.

Soup bowl was never cleared, until the entrees arrived (another good 15 minutes later). Asked for bread again (the waiter acted as if we never made such request earlier...)

Waiter never stopped to ask the customary question "is everything okay?" Just all around fell a lack of service... We would have considered dessert... but between the long wait for the food, and quite frankly the waiter never even attempted to tempt us, we opted to go elsewhere to satisfy our sweet tooth...

(I will update this blog with a few places I have visited since September...)

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